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Title: Six Smooches
Author: danceswithgary
Pairings: (Rodney McKay/John Sheppard)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 6 x 100
Archive: Fine, just let me know
Summary: A collection of drabbles written to prompts for [community profile] mcsmooch.

For queenbarwench, who asked "How about something involving ice cream?"


John remembers how Rodney's nipples had perked up when Rodney'd bent over to examine the open solar-powered freezer. Rodney had abandoned the unexpected technology when he'd tasted what was stored inside. Sweet, creamy, flavored with darchi berries, it had been as close to ice cream as they'd found to date in Pegasus.

Purchasing the ingredients and equipment in the market stalls moved to the top of Rodney's list that day. John appreciates Rodney's single-mindedness, as he tastes the first batch delivered to John's room. Rodney's lips are chilled and berry-sweet, his nipples peak again under John's palms, and John shivers.

For mecurtin, who asked for Dark (ashy?) skies, red sunset. Grit or gritty.


"Look. Red sky at night, sailor's delight."

John glances up at Rodney's ramblings, notes the crimson sky that owed more to flame than a setting sun. "Yeah, tomorrow'll be something." John doesn't bother to point out neither of them will be around to see it.

Dampening the strip torn off his t-shirt, John wipes across Rodney's eyes, removing the ash irritating them, knowing it will return with the next shift in the wind. John blinks his, allowing tears to wash away what they can, then he bends so his lips rasp against volcanic grit, breathes with Rodney as they wait.

For mezzo_cammin, who asked for Absolutely! No, um, that's the prompt. Absolutely! Without a doubt, even! *g*

No Doubt

"Your turn, McKay. Best beer."

"Jackson took me to this microbrewery in Colorado Springs, the best honey oat seasonal I've ever tasted. Best burger."

"Okinawa, stopover when I was deployed to Antarctica. Matsusaka beef. Enough about food, I'm getting hungry. Uh, let's see…. Best kiss."

"Um, no, let me think…. Got it! On P76-MX9. Lenat was incredible."

"Wait. Wasn't Lenat a…."

"A little young? I wasn't the one chasing."

"No, a guy. He was the best?"

"So far. Uh, Sheppard? John? What're you doing?"

"Going after the record."

. . .

"Well? Better than Lenat?"

"Who? I mean, absolutely!"


For mezzo_cammin, who asked for Want some more? Ha - that's a prompt, too! (I'm slaying myself, here)

Left Wanting

You weren't prepared to have him drag you away from the lab and into your room. It was completely unfair how he was able to strip you better than you can protest, manhandled you into your bed with a threat of sedation if you climbed back out before sleeping at least six hours. Smelling so good after a too-long day was just wrong, his hands shouldn't have been so gentle despite his aggravation, and he certainly shouldn't have given in so easily to your sarcastic demand.

How dare he leave you here alone, with just a kiss to dream on.

For melagan, who asked for Panic! Yes, panic kisses. Causing or caused by.

In Case of Emergency

Rodney knew that any attempt on his part to avoid retribution didn't stand a chance. He could put all his security protocols into place, but, if John wanted into Rodney's room, Atlantis would let him in without even pretending to hesitate. It wasn't fair. They had been a series of unavoidable accidents, nothing Rodney had done on purpose, even though he looked guilty. Besides, no one had been hurt, just embarrassed.

When the door to his room opened, Rodney jumped to his feet knowing what he had to do. John had never resisted The Kiss.

It worked like a charm.

For gyri, who asked for Tentative kisses.


They've touched, frantic after a mission that left them needing something other than their own rough hand. Under lights too dim in a place neither owned, there were no words beyond urgent demands, nothing exposed save the minimum required. They've spent their nights alone, denying any craving, pointing to rules instead of claiming fears.

Standing outside, he wishes for an Ancient device to detect the presence of other than life, measure want, gauge the chance of failure.

Stepping inside, he reaches out, trembling, longing reflected in the eyes that close under the gentle touch of his lips, his kisses returned.

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Ooooh, really nice! I think Indomitable is my favorite - but they're all lovely.


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